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Zane Fanart by Nemuharu

Btw I set an art goal for my oc's
I want to get these oc's this much art before this year ends ;o

Aoi - 90/100
Tyler - 10/50
Ethan - 18/50
Zane - 30/50
Saturn - 14/20
Ilex - 11/20
Ruru - 4/5 (i don't really care *cries*)
Feather - 10/20
Cynthia - 6/20

why do i do this to myself



Songs I'm currently obsessed with

The Neighbourhood - Sweather Weather

Panic! At The Disco - Vegas Lights

Melanie Martinez - Sippy Cup

Custom box backgrounds are by Elrewyn
drawing of aoi below is by LlamaRingleader

to-do list

Message to myself:
to anyone who randomly clicks on play, have fun ;v;

2 headshots for ThePointlessArtist
Cat fullbody for TheDoctorInTime
Fullbody for JDingmamon
Fullbody for Daiipan
3 Crayon commissions for greenfurkitti
YCH for WBattlemage
YCH for Kata-Chans

Collab with CandiStars
Collab with Chyanne1717
2 pixel icons for GreenTeaKittie
Design trade with Bengalheart
Icon trade with coldioc
Art trade with CandiStars

Custom for Chyanne1717

I think those are all?? If I'm forgetting something please remind me ;v;

which one is cuter 

35 deviants said bOTH ARE CUTIES
16 deviants said Baby zane: Zane by Angelbreeze1
11 deviants said Older zane: Zane by Angelbreeze1



Aoi by Angelbreeze1
Angel | Female |♋

Hi I'm Angel ;v; You can also call me Angerbreeze, Angelbreathe1, Nigelbreeze, Gelbreeze, sngelbreeze, Anglerbreeze, Angeredbees, or any other typo that somehow became a nickname of mine *cries* I'm extremely shy and unsocial, But it's easy to become friends with me if you can start the conversation off, Because I definitely can't XD But anyways, Some things about me... My favorite thing to draw are Humans, I can also draw Cats but right now I don't feel like I can, I like to rp, Just ask if you'd like to ;v; I'm terrible at it though so i'm sorry about that, I have a LOT of oc's, Out of all of them, Aoi is my favorite, I love anime, I haven't watched any in a while so if you'd like to recommend anime for me then go ahead c: I also like Homestuck, You can find a lot of fanart of it in my gallery, I like Pokemon too, Cyndaquil is my favorite pokemon <3 Ohh and I also love to ship, I can ship almost anything, Mostly Yaoi ships though.
so yeah that's all i can think of for now
bye ;o
meow by Angelbreeze1


Best friends
Bengalheart Light-Slash KingFishPun RezzyRezdevoir Pretty-L1ttle-Psycho CandiStars


dA family
daddy: Daiipan
Hubby: Bengalheart
EX Waifu/Hubby's: Chyanne1717
Daughters: Pretty-L1ttle-Psycho Silversocks112 ThisEnder9999 Celerise
18th cousin from space: CandiStars
The Creepy Uncle: LlamaRingleader
if you want to be someone in the family then just ask me ;v;

Most amazing senpais
raikukitti Nemuharu
1Greengrass1 Makaruu

Chyanne1717 catttastic RemiAquasong Sandfall22 Yonells ColourTraveller Daiipan DaughterOfMaat Shadowthentic JayWolf36 AImighty-EggpIant raikukitti SnowLilys greenfurkitti TheDoctorInTime coldioc LlamaRingleader
I think that's all?? Idk if most of you guys think of me as a friend, But I think of you as one


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CandiStars Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Another new nickname for you: angelbrrrze1
I forgot to move my finger off the r and onto the e
Pretty-L1ttle-Psycho Featured By Owner 4 days ago



denmark is asking some things on sham you must see
EmeraldFlower Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey hey. On the custom box you can get rid of me on the custom
And add me as a step-sister
Amandaconda1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I love your art. It's so Kawaii :3
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